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Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) establishes a special tax rule for subcontractors and contractors. With many clients who are involved in the construction industry, we have developed a vast knowledge and experience in providing a full CIS service that keeps on top of any change or update to the regulations. We provide professional assistance for both subcontractors and contractors to ensure that they comply with their tax and VAT obligations.

For Subcontractors

We provide a fixed-fee service that ensures your annual accounts and tax returns are completed and sent on time. If you have overpaid or underpaid your tax, we will ensure that the process of receiving or returning the outstanding money is paid without any issue.

For Contractors

We provide valuable assistance in ensuring that you're CIS compliant. From general assistance to more specific help with certain aspects of CIS, we are dedicated to providing a reliable service that ensures.

Over the years, we have built many long lasting relationships with clients who are part of the construction industry. Our commitment to keeping completely up-to-date with all the stipulations and regulations means that our clients are always in complete compliance with their CIS.